Sunday, August 19, 2007


Attention, tourists! Be cautious! If you have arrived to any country and do not know the local legislation in sphere of relations between men and women you risk to earn on the head of trouble, and at times considerable. To all fault severe laws.

In England, for example, you can fine, if you suggest the unfamiliar woman to gambol a little. In Italy it is legislatively forbidden to ugly women to appear in a naked kind on a beach, and in Russia, in opinion of newspaper Bild, in the street enamoured it is impossible to show the feelings openly.

England. NO any casual relations!

Do you plan an a little flirt in a pub, and then enchant the nearest beauty? In England to do it is not recommended. Here to the one who will suggest the unfamiliar woman to occupy in sex, the penalty down to 180 euros or three months of prison threatens.

Russia. To kiss it is forbidden

Being in Russia, enamoured it is necessary extremely in a reserved manner to show the feelings to each other because to kiss in the street here it is forbidden (Actually journalists Bild, to put it mildly, are inexact - in Moscow was planned to forbid kisses in streets, but this offer of the response at authorities has not found )

The USA. To be protected difficultly

In many states of USA condoms are exposed to the true persecutions. Legislators, not paying attention to danger of AIDS and venereal diseases, in every possible way complicate purchase by the population of the given contraceptives. Condoms or in general are forbidden for using (as in Connecticut), or openly to sell (as in Wisconsin), or they are forbidden for advertising (as in California). But the strangest law exists in Louisiana: here only it is forbidden to women to buy condoms. For infringement the solid fine threatens.

Ireland. Import of condoms is forbidden

If you go to Ireland necessarily take with itself a stock of these wonderful contraceptive means - because to buy them here chances a little. In this strict Catholic country to use condoms it is impossible, and therefore it is impossible and to sell. In fact sex, in opinion of the Irish authorities, exists only for continuation of a sort.

Hawaii. Corrective-labor camp

You have met the woman of the dream on exotic island and wish to make love with her? Do not make it, if to you of road parents of the girl. In fact if your beloved still is not present 18 years her parents are waited with punishment in the form of three years of corrective-labour works. That they have brought up the daughter "thoughtless".

Hungary. Sex in darkness

In capital of Hungary Budapest it is authorized to partners to love each other only in darkness. Even if you "are engaged in it " at light in own apartment is all the same punished by the penalty. The intimate affinity is forbidden even at light of candles or a fireplace. There Is a question: who does this all supervise?

Italy. Do not forget swimming trunks!

In Palermo only it is authorized to women to be on a beach in completely naked kind while to men - is not present. The substantiation sounds approximately so: "the Man's anatomy can get a trite kind, even inadvertently ".

In the Italian city of Tropeja there is a law which absolutely precisely regulates for whom it is possible is on a beach in the undressed kind and to whom is not present. In the document it is spoken: " to Women who are thick, ugly it is forbidden to appear on a beach in the undressed kind ". Young women use the given right only ", which are worthy to extol beauty of a female body ". It is necessary to sympathize with policemen who should put the given law into practice.

Sweden. Photosex

In Sweden, for example, it is forbidden to make own photos in a naked kind in full growth in кабинках a urgent photo. However to nake and photograph separately bottom and separately top part of a body does not contradict any interdictions. So if it is very necessary, it is possible to make two photos, and then to stick together them together.

China. Do not look at legs!

If to you, being in China, it will want to take a look at undressed women - please, look as much as necessary. But упаси you the god steadfastly to stare at naked legs of the dressed woman. It in China is considered the rough insult and is punished by several days of prison.

Israel. An interdiction on a porno

Viewing porno canals in number of the Israel hotel can manage expensively to you. Only one year ago here the law forbidding viewing of pornofilms on cable or satellite TV has been passed. If you will catch behind this employment can send in prison for the term of down to three years.

Estonia. Sex and foul

In Tallin, considers Bild, categorically it is forbidden to play a chess during the sexual act. And still there, it is necessary to think, there live giants with three legs.